Tuesday, June 14, 2011

iPad App Review: Feed Me

I'm not sure how we first encountered PencilBot's free app, Feed Me! but with all the times Little Miss brings up this game on the iPad, I'm sure glad we did.

Feed Me! is directed at preschool and kindergarten-aged kids and helps to teach concepts ranging from colors, letters, and numbers -- to language, patterns, fractions, and even telling time. The app is available for download on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch or for your Mac computer.

In the game, kids meet an adorable little monster with an insatiable appetite. With each puzzle, the monster imagines some item that it wants to eat. For example, in the following screen shot, the monster envisions an upper case "N." The image of the "N" is reinforced with a voice-over from a child, saying "Big N." (Kids can tap the answer images to hear a voice over of that too!)

Feed Me! Working with upper and lower case letters

To solve the puzzle, drag the correct letter to the monster, who happily eats it.

Feed Me! Happily chowing down on the number 4

If the correct answer is selected, the monster releases a happy "woo-hoo!" noise that Little Miss just loves. Chose the wrong answer and your monster gets sick!

Feed Me! Wrong answer!
The free version of Feed Me! contains a lot of basic concepts that help prepare children for reading and math, but to get some of the concepts more appropriate for older preschoolers and kindergarteners, you'll need to purchase additional levels.

You can play as few or as many of the quick puzzles as you like, but in order to unlock achievements (called "trophies" in the game), your child needs to show a proficiency in a particular area. For example, one achievement might be unlocked by answering a certain number of color questions correctly. When unlocked, the trophies appear on your monster's trophy shelf:

Feed Me! Little Miss's trophy shelf (she might have had a little help ;-)

Feed Me! is definitely one of the favorite games in our app library -- Little Miss and I return to it time and time again. In the beginning, feeding the monster was a great encouragement for Little Miss to work on the fine motor skill she needed to manage the iPad -- but as she has grown and learned, she also enjoys demonstrating her abilities in choosing the correct answers for puzzles.

I like too that the puzzles are varied enough to provide challenges for a long time to come and that Little Miss gets to practice some social skills in trying to get the right reaction from the monster (happy or sick).

If you are looking for a great app to pass time on a hot summer day, you can't go wrong with this one -- enjoy!


  1. What are those green chunks in the sick picture?! Is the monster barfing? Lol! Anyway, it looks pretty cute. We're going thru a little lull in our iPad usage. We are still using it but right now - the world is still all about Batman so we are watching lots of You Tube clips of the caped crusader. I need to get him back to learning! This might be the trick!

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